supervisor: Beata Medynska-Gulij

PhD dissertation defended:

3.06.2015 £ukasz Wielebski: Cartographic Visualisation of Spatial Accessibility in a Monocentric Model

3.06.2014 £ukasz Halik: Graphical Variables of Point Signs in Mobile Augmented Reality System

6.12.2011 Lech Kaczmarek: Information Potential of the National Spatial databases in cartographic studies of the natural environment

8.06.2011 Dariusz Lorek: Information Potential of Topographic Maps Urmesstischblätter Dated to 1822-33 From the Area of Wielkopolska, Western Poland

PhD dissertation in progress:

Pawel Cybulski: Visual Suggestiveness in Cartographic Animations of Human Migration in Europe

Maciej Smaczynski: Acquiring data using this type of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Tymoteusz Horbinski: Multimedia Visualisation of the Cultural Landscape of Industrial Centres
Department of Cartography and Geomatics 2017